No teenager will obey their parents if they are not given guidelines to follow. For a parent, a responsible teenager is the  one who can says,  “I clean my own room, I do my homework, I take a balanced snack and restrict my video gaming time.”


The teenager, meanwhile, thinks:” I want to see my friends when I want, where I want, and do what I want at home.” We must therefore reverse the trend and show that it’s possible for our kids to access their” autonomy “, but with some responsibility. In other words, tell them it is ok to spend wednesday after school with friends, but only if all homework is up to date, your room is clean, and dirty clothes are put in the wash bin and not left on the  floor”.

Define some rules of life

Therefore, a well-educated child does not make necessarily an easy teenager. Contemporary education has as it’s objective to form individuals in full bloom, capable of negotiating, of expressing their positions and make good decisions. A well-educated child becomes therefore a teenager that can be difficult to handle.

But negotiating takes energy and of course time. And when the parents come back tired in the evening, they have tendency to let down their guard. We recommend therefore to define some rules of life so that everything is not permanently subject to debate and to reset them regularly according to age and needs of the teenager, such as spending money, tasks to be fulfilled, the hours of bedtime etc

And if the teenager continues causing problems to his parents, they are entitled to take some type of sanctions.Provided that they are not taken in anger. Because when taken in anger, common sense can be lost, and division is the result.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the relevance of the situation, remembering the borders that you have set, and the guidelines that are in place. Keep the problem in perspective.

Your young adult is trying to become their own person, which is of course the ultimate aim, but they need guidance to keep them safe and on the right track. Very often their ability at school is a large part of the problem, but these things can be addressed later if required, when their mindset is better and as they get older and appreciate their situation.

Deep down, a teenager knows that their parent is only acting in good faitparents and teensh and for their own good. They need discipline and guidance, love and attention. Try to keep a balanced outlook on the situation and your teen will respond and choose the right path.

In this blog we hope to give guidance to young people on how they might want to shape their futures. Too many young people are going through their school lives with absolutely no idea about what their options are after school. Many are herded into further education, when it is that last thing that they need or want, and unaware of the craft apprentices that are available and would probably suit them better.

Here we hope to highlight some of the employment paths that they might like to consider, as opposed to an ongoing full time education.

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