trade or schoolQuite a statement I know, and before you start sending me hate mail, let me just explain that it is the title of the video I have included below.

I came across this video while researching on youtube, and it reminded me of my work history and something that occurred to me a few weeks ago.

You see I have always been something of an unsuccessful entrepreneur. Always wanted to have a big business and everything that goes with it but without much success.

I always have some side interest running alongside my full time job, it keeps me interested and my business brain occupied. But when I was young and just left school, I decided to become an apprentice printer rather than continuing with my education. Mainly because my whole family was in printing, and I knew how good the wages were!

But because of my entrepreneurial bent, after completing my apprenticeship, I left printing on several occasions to try starting new businesses in retail or services, in fact I tried about 7 times. Each time the project failed, and I was able to go back to my trade, regroup, save some money and start again.

For me, learning a trade was the perfect direction. It gave me some stability and a way to always earn money when I needed it, and when I got married and had a family, it worked perfectly for my needs.

Anyway, just thought I would share that. Everyone’s situation is different, but I don’t think that college is the perfect solution as some would suggest. Watch the video and I hope it gets you thinking about your options.

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