Wooden floors have a classic feel that is hard to replicate with any other type of flooring material. It is of little wonder that it is a popular choice for patios, verandas, and flooring in homes and hotels.

The colour of natural wood gives depth and character to a property. The fact that wood can be found in different shades, it adds to their appeal as they can be used to create exquisite floors while working with chosen color schemes in a given space, including lighting, wall color, furniture, and drapes to give the interior of a property a priceless feel of warmth and class.

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To keep your property wooden floors looking pristine, it means you have to get it sanded every so often to give it that fresh, glossy clean and classy look.

Professional Wood Floor Sanding

Do it yourself enthusiasts can do it alone if they have the right equipment and a bit of experience. But if you are like most homeowners or you own a fairly sized property, your best bet would be getting a professional wood floor sanding company to get the job done for you.

A wood floor, although hard and tough, is also equally sensitive. A professional wood sander takes all the necessary precaution to ensure that your floor looks great best without any damages.

A professional wood sander is experienced and knows exactly how to treat your wooden floor for the best sanding as well as repair by nailing any loose boards.

Wood floor sanding can be a disruptive exercise in the home, a professional would take the necessary measure to ensure there are minimal disruptions.

For this reason, all furniture has to be removed from the space. Additional precautions and prep work that are not so obvious include;

  • Air grilles are plugged to ensure no dust goes into the air ducts. The HVAC system will need to be turned off at the thermostats to prevent dust travelling around the house when sanding is in progress
  • To avoid cleaning drapes or any wall hangings such as artwork later, it’s best to take them down before the sanding starts
  • It is impossible to fully sand areas beneath the door opening into the room, so the best solution is to remove them first.
  • To avoid potential damage to the sanding machine belt or drum, you will see the sanding crew inspect the wooden floor for nail heads and countersink them by about 1\8 of an inch. This is good because it invariably means they can’t hurt or trip anyone even after the sanding process is through.

A professional sanding crew would then go ahead to sand the floor using the right sanding machine with much expertise avoiding gouging on the wood during starts and stops. To know more about professional wood floor sanding click here.

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They would also use tools such as carbide scraper to scrape corners where the sanding machine can’t reach. An edger machine is employed to sand along the baseboard.

Stains and scratches

Common stains on a wooden floor are usually water which easily disappears after a few passes of the sanding machine.

Pet urine is a bit harder to deal with as it penetrates deep into the wood and cannot be sanded out.

However, special bleach for wood can be employed although it can still fail to clear the stain completely. The Solution is to either change the piece of wood or finish it and let it be a permanent reminder of your pet.

Although the finish may be gone, scratches may still prevail. This can be gently conquered by more sanding using a different grit.

Clearly, wood floor sanding is a delicate and involving process. For the best results, call the wood floor sanding professionals.