When you hit 16 years of age, you’ll certainly face a range of baffling choices. You might want to proceed to college or to enrol for A-levels. You might also like the thought of leaving full-time education to pursue a job and pull in some income. At 18, you’ll now have to decide whether to apply for university or begin the search for employment. Each of these options certainly has its good and bad side.

Think about something that allows you to experience work in its entirety as you pursue your education, all the while pulling in some income. Sounds great, right? Well, that’s basically what we call an apprenticeship.

Why an apprenticeship?

You might want more information as to why you should pick apprenticeship. For some students, the thought of staying at a college or school is intimidating, particularly to those who aren’t deep into academics. On other hand, it might be a little difficult for you to land a job if you spend all your school years studying as most recruiters ask for experience.

Meanwhile, an apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to learn and master a trade or skill while studying for a qualification.

Besides, being good at any highly skilled profession certainly needs more than classroom training. Hands on experience with a person who is an expert in a certain field will be helpful in many ways. It’s through the apprenticeship that you’ll get what you need in order to excel at a certain profession.

There’s more to an apprenticeship than meets the eye…

More benefits of apprenticeship

• More income

With an apprenticeship, you have the chance to eran  your own money, in addition to other benefits such as leisure activities, pension schemes and others. While you may begin on the basic apprentice pay, your income will definitely double as you gain more skilsl. Studies reveal that an apprentice can be able to earn more over their lifetime than most other employees.

• Mentoring and coaching

Instead of having all your days spent at school inside of a classroom, apprenticeship hands you the experience combined with the study. Aside from that, there’s the mentoring and coaching from senior and experienced employees who have to themselves years upon years of experience.

Naturally, after the apprenticeship, companies are pretty keen on retaining their trainees as they view them more experienced and with wider knowledge compared to new people. In essence, they might offer you a full-time job so that you have a great start in your career.

Levels of apprenticeship

Apprenticeship courses come in varying levels, beginning from basic to advanced apprenticeship. The knowledge and skill you acquire as an apprentice will be key in enabling you to join higher education. You’ll acquire career prospects enabling you to decide the path you want in life.

Keep in mind that what you think is the right choice for you at 16 or 18 may not exactly be what you’ll want at 19 or 20. Apprenticeships assist you to weigh your options and decide what’s best for you.


Apprenticeship opportunities keep showing up all the time. Employers from different sectors keep offering opportunities. It’s up to you to select where to go, be it a large corporation or a small business. But rest assured that as a young person, an apprenticeship will help to shape your future and mould you into a great person.

From my own personal point of view, my apprenticeship gave me a foundation that I returned to time and again. I would see opportunities in other careers, give them a try, and if they didn’t work out, I always had the skills I had learned so that I could drop back into a well paid job again. Definitely a recommended career choice!

If you need more persuading, just watch the video below.

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