Get Inspired and Think Big With Personal Finance

Have you ever examined your individual finances and then set modest goals to pay off this tiny loan first or increase your income by just a little to start making progress? Did you ever wonder why this method typically winds up being a monetary failure?

The value of believing huge with your individual finance objectives and getting motivated by them can not be downplayed for your success and I will lay out the benefits listed below.

From now on I desire you to throw away your modest monetary goals and begin thinking big. I mean truly huge. You may have a goal to increase your earnings, for instance, and find a way to earn an additional hundred dollars a month. That personal financing objective was the you of the past, I would like you to take your modest objectives and increase them by 1000! Increasing your income by $10,000 a month might sound unthinkable to you, might sound crazy, but it is among the tricks to monetary success.

Let us talk a little about why believing big with your personal finance objectives works. It starts with a belief that you are capable of anything, I believe in you and you ought to too. Your beliefs can limit you, like chains, or they can release you to soar the financial heights. When you are motivated you understand you can unbelievable accomplishments, which consists of the monetary arena even if your past success has actually been less than admirable. Exactly what you needed was a huge objective, a goal that definitely motivates and revitalizes your efforts to unimagined heights.

By setting these influenced big individual financing objectives you free up your personal resources to think huge about money on a scale you had actually previously put little thought into. If I was producing an individual finance intend on a little scale, maybe I would believe and envision ways on how I might offer a couple of hundred cookies to earn an additional hundred dollars each month. Now if we multiply our goal, our believing significantly changes, how can go about creating hundreds of countless cookies, effectively, and to sell them to increase my earnings by $10,000 a month. The very nature of your preparation modifications, and in your thinking modification lies the personal finance trick to wealth building.

You may not reach your big inspired individual financing goal on your first month, however your efforts will be grabbing the stars. The benefits are so great as to motivate herculean efforts of finance and service wizardry on your part. Plus, if you fall short, the outcomes may shock you, far surpassing your original meager individual finance objective of an extra $100 in income, you may find yourself growing and establishing the starts of a greatly satisfying wealth structure business.

For The Best Wood Floor Sanding, Call In The Experts

Wooden floors have a classic feel that is hard to replicate with any other type of flooring material. It is of little wonder that it is a popular choice for patios, verandas, and flooring in homes and hotels.

The colour of natural wood gives depth and character to a property. The fact that wood can be found in different shades, it adds to their appeal as they can be used to create exquisite floors while working with chosen color schemes in a given space, including lighting, wall color, furniture, and drapes to give the interior of a property a priceless feel of warmth and class.

wood floor sanding

To keep your property wooden floors looking pristine, it means you have to get it sanded every so often to give it that fresh, glossy clean and classy look.

Professional Wood Floor Sanding

Do it yourself enthusiasts can do it alone if they have the right equipment and a bit of experience. But if you are like most homeowners or you own a fairly sized property, your best bet would be getting a professional wood floor sanding company to get the job done for you.

A wood floor, although hard and tough, is also equally sensitive. A professional wood sander takes all the necessary precaution to ensure that your floor looks great best without any damages.

A professional wood sander is experienced and knows exactly how to treat your wooden floor for the best sanding as well as repair by nailing any loose boards.

Wood floor sanding can be a disruptive exercise in the home, a professional would take the necessary measure to ensure there are minimal disruptions.

For this reason, all furniture has to be removed from the space. Additional precautions and prep work that are not so obvious include;

  • Air grilles are plugged to ensure no dust goes into the air ducts. The HVAC system will need to be turned off at the thermostats to prevent dust travelling around the house when sanding is in progress
  • To avoid cleaning drapes or any wall hangings such as artwork later, it’s best to take them down before the sanding starts
  • It is impossible to fully sand areas beneath the door opening into the room, so the best solution is to remove them first.
  • To avoid potential damage to the sanding machine belt or drum, you will see the sanding crew inspect the wooden floor for nail heads and countersink them by about 1\8 of an inch. This is good because it invariably means they can’t hurt or trip anyone even after the sanding process is through.

A professional sanding crew would then go ahead to sand the floor using the right sanding machine with much expertise avoiding gouging on the wood during starts and stops. To know more about professional wood floor sanding click here.

wood flooring restoration

They would also use tools such as carbide scraper to scrape corners where the sanding machine can’t reach. An edger machine is employed to sand along the baseboard.

Stains and scratches

Common stains on a wooden floor are usually water which easily disappears after a few passes of the sanding machine.

Pet urine is a bit harder to deal with as it penetrates deep into the wood and cannot be sanded out.

However, special bleach for wood can be employed although it can still fail to clear the stain completely. The Solution is to either change the piece of wood or finish it and let it be a permanent reminder of your pet.

Although the finish may be gone, scratches may still prevail. This can be gently conquered by more sanding using a different grit.

Clearly, wood floor sanding is a delicate and involving process. For the best results, call the wood floor sanding professionals.

Helping Teenagers Discover Their Passion for Life

Do you have teenaged children who seem uninspired? When you try to chat them up, do you feel they possess a passion for life or a sense of detachment? Do they enjoy school and life in general or does it strike you that they are still struggling to find out what they want?

teensThe teenage years can be quite challenging and some young people feel at a loss when it comes to finding their niche, setting goals, establishing their identities and choosing whom to trust. If you think your own kids could stand to use some much needed guidance, here are ways you can help get them on the right track.

1. Encourage them to read a wide variety of books. Start stocking up your home library or eBook readers with a plethora of books, with a focus on biographical, inspirational, motivational and similar self-help books. The biographies should be of people who made a difference (stay away from the sensational stuff) or made their mark in their respective niches borne out of a passion for life and their true calling. Reading about different people and significant events can help your youngster in discovering his own calling and setting goals that will lead to his carving his own niche.

2. Show them valuable resources online. The Internet can be a bane or boon to modern life. Teenagers are known to waste hours online playing games, “socializing” with both real life friends and strangers, indulging in gossip and other activities that don’t help with their personal growth. You can’t stop your kids from using the Internet, but you certainly can point them in the right direction. Look up helpful websites that give great tips and ideas about hobbies, potential careers, exploring one’s hidden talents, discovering a passion for life, and the sort. Bookmark those sites and then share them with your kids. They could very well find their “lightbulb” moments when they peruse the pages of their sites and before you know it, they’ll be setting goals and sharing with you their new dreams and ambitions.

3. Encourage them to spend less time online and to mingle with more people in real life. It’s hard to discover one’s passion for life if personal interaction is so limited. A great number of kids tend to spend so much time on the Internet that they lose out on the benefits of real life relationships – one of them being able to get ideas and support from people who can help you with determining your true calling and setting goals. So get your kids to log out every now and then and have them invite friends over for real interaction. Take them to visit relatives and meet other people to boost their social skills and open up to opportunities they might miss if they stayed indoors.

4. Have them take up a new hobby. They might be bored with their old hobby that they don’t even bother anymore to do it. Young people’s interests change over time, and every now and then they’re setting goals only to dump them for new ones. If your teenager appears to be disinterested in her usual activities, get her to start a new hobby that can help her reignite a passion for life. For example, if she used to sew her own clothes as a hobby, maybe she can switch to learning how to apply makeup professionally or make her own natural, organic skincare products.

5. Travel with them. Don’t stay put! There’s so much potential in travel – you learn about new places and new cultures that may very well spark your passion for life and help you discover something new about yourself. For example, going to exotic places that have a lot of ancient digs may help you realize a new love for history, archeology, and even paleontology. Visiting a foreign country may make you want to become an expert in that country’s language and inspire you to take lessons when you get back home. Expose your teenager to all sorts of new and inspirational things. And don’t worry about busting the budget; there are so many travel sites offering great tours at very affordable prices. You just need to know where to look.

Look at your teenagers as not just your children but also as soon-to-be-adults who will eventually come to their own. It can be tempting to succumb to the “helicopter mode” of parenting but you need to respect their own need for space and their own tastes. Let them find their comfort zones and passion for life at their own pace, with you cheering and supporting them on in the background. Let them remember you as a great parent and not a control freak, and the more they will thank you for it!

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What is a Soffit? – And how to make a career with it.

fascias and soffitsI was speaking with one of my neighbours the other day. He has his own business installing upvc windows, soffits, downpipes and fascias on houses. He is always busy, seems to have a good business, books regular holidays and has a nice car.

I got to speak with him and we started talking about career choices. He was telling me that he almost fell into his career. His friends dad was an installer of all things upvc, he started working with his friend and dad on holidays and weekends, and before he knew it he had learned the trade and started his own business.

He also told me that because of the age of most of the houses in the UK, there is an enormous need for replacement windows, guttering, fascias and soffits, and if you don’t know what they are I will explain below.

It occurred to me that any young person with a practical side to the personality could probably benefit from learning this trade. A few calls to your local businesses that install soffits and fascias may well lead to an on the job training opportunity. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box.

To be clear soffit is located under the rafter tails and the fascia is a horizontal band that you can see at the end of a rafter. Both these things are required to protect your home from the bad weather and to improve the look of your home. They protect the house from the pests like squirrels, bats, and birds, and help in ventilation as well.

If your living area is prone to high winds, soffit can help to keep the water from blowing into your house. To make it more effective, you need to maintain and clean it properly. If you are not experienced, then considering taking the help of the professionals for the cleaning once in every year. If required, you can paint or repair them during the time of cleaning. If you want to get better results, always keep your fascia and soffit clean, well-painted, and caulked.

Fascias and Soffits Materials
Traditionally, it was made by the aluminum and wood. But now both these products are available in a wide range of materials. You can get it synthetic materials and composite materials such as vinyl and UPVC. These materials do not require any specific maintenance and they are durable as well. Vinyl Soffits and Fascias are available in different styles and models; you can choose any depending on your exterior design. If you are a nature lover and like eco-friendly materials, then you can go for recycled material.

Price of the Soffits and Fascias
For a linear foot soffit installation, the price is around £20 to£30. For a linear foot replacement of the fascia, a customer will have to spend £15 to £25. A number of factors determine the cost of the replacement such as what type of the material you are using and the size of your home. The normal cost for the installation and replacement of the soffits and fascias of a house can be as much as £5,000. It includes all the expenditures such as framing, soffit and fascia boards, and the drywall.

How to install soffits and fascias
The installation process is not that difficult. It is possible to do it on your own with a little knowledge. The process is as follows:

• Remove the gutters and slide back the roof tile

• Remove the soffits and fascias

• Repair any damage of the rafter

• Fix the soffits against the brickworks. Make the proper adjustments

• Once it is fixed, you can fix the fascia board. Make sure that both the soffits and fascias are fixed properly.

• After these works are complete, you can install the rainwater system

• Then install the Eaves protector

• Now installation is complete, you can bring back the roof tiles to the normal position.

Generally speaking it is a job that most home owners will not try to do themselves, mainly because of working on ladders at a height. This is another factor that makes the industry a good one to get involved in, plenty of work available, inexpensive to get started, and good returns on the investment. I think I might just look at retraining myself! The video below shows just what is involved.

Forget College – Learn A Trade

trade or schoolQuite a statement I know, and before you start sending me hate mail, let me just explain that it is the title of the video I have included below.

I came across this video while researching on youtube, and it reminded me of my work history and something that occurred to me a few weeks ago.

You see I have always been something of an unsuccessful entrepreneur. Always wanted to have a big business and everything that goes with it but without much success.

I always have some side interest running alongside my full time job, it keeps me interested and my business brain occupied. But when I was young and just left school, I decided to become an apprentice printer rather than continuing with my education. Mainly because my whole family was in printing, and I knew how good the wages were!

But because of my entrepreneurial bent, after completing my apprenticeship, I left printing on several occasions to try starting new businesses in retail or services, in fact I tried about 7 times. Each time the project failed, and I was able to go back to my trade, regroup, save some money and start again.

For me, learning a trade was the perfect direction. It gave me some stability and a way to always earn money when I needed it, and when I got married and had a family, it worked perfectly for my needs.

Anyway, just thought I would share that. Everyone’s situation is different, but I don’t think that college is the perfect solution as some would suggest. Watch the video and I hope it gets you thinking about your options.

How To Become A Kitchen Makeover Specialist

kitchen makeover ideasA good opportunity for students with a more practical aspect to their personality is to work with wood or possibly metal, and one of the best carpentry based opportunities is in the area of kitchen renovations.

The kitchen area of a home is one of the most essential parts of the home. It is very important that the the whole area is fully productive while ensuring it is well designed. The kitchen also needs to feel ambient so that you feel relaxed while cooking foods.

There are many people that are looking to upgrade their kitchens on a budget, and somebody with design flair and joinery or wood working abilities can quickly find themselves opportunities and customers by advertising to this market, and by the use of an inexpensive website, which young people and their computer skills can make quite easily, or you can find people on the internet that will make a 3 page site for around £100. Use this nice looking kitchen makeover website as a guide.

The ideas below are intended to give that type of person the inspiration to consider this area for their main focus when looking for an income stream.

1. Ensure proper lighting

You must agree with a fact that lighting can greatly enhance the interior design of any room or interior space. It is true for a kitchen too. If you would like to enhance the overall look of a kitchen and want to give it a modern touch then you should add proper lighting.

If the kitchen lights are dim then you should replace them with bright lights right away. Dimly lit kitchens not only look gloomy but it also affects the mental state of the homeowner. When you are considering adding up lights in a kitchen area then you do not have to buy expensive light fixtures.

You can buy some vintage light fixtures that are available for pennies on the internet. Make sure that the lights you are buying are high in power so that it properly illuminates the whole kitchen area.

2. Add a rug

Adding a new rug on the floor of a kitchen will help you to dramatically improve the look of any kitchen. If there are boring kitchen floors and you do not want to invest a large amount of money buying new flooring tiles then you should add a rug.

There are different types of rugs available in the market that you may consider buying for a kitchen upgrade. Make sure you buy a visually appealing rug that will serve its purpose while enhancing the décor.

3. Upgrade the hardware

There are many hardware items in a kitchen that can be replaced with newer, modern ones to beautify and enhance. If you have bland and dull knobs and pulls then you should install modern, designer hardware pieces that will increase the visual appeal of the kitchen.

Although it may seem as a simple change but it will add up to the interior design.

4. Buy a new, bigger rack

If there are a couple of small racks for keeping plates, bowls and other crockery items then you should consider suggesting a new rack which is bigger in size. When you have installed a bigger rack, you will be able to keep all the utensils at a single place.

The utensil items will not be strewn all over the kitchen shelf, so it will make the kitchen look neat and modern.

5. Enhance the countertop

If there is have an old countertop that looks ugly and unpleasant to the eyes then you should consider enhancing the same. You should either choose to cover the countertop with a board or consider painting the same to make it look beautiful.

These are all ideas that anyone with a little design flair and practical abilities can bring to a client wanting a budget kitchen makeover. A young person can easily run an inexpensive facebook advert, make a quick webpage or get a friend to help, and you are in business. It works, I know from past experience, so why not just give it a try, you will probably be surprised at the result.

The video below has some good ideas, and there are plenty more on youtube for inspiration. With sales it is all about perception, present yourself as an interior designer/kitchen makeover specialist and armed with the tips on this page you have the makings of a full time career.

Tips on How to Become a Locksmith

locksmithWhen thinking about some of the career choices that young people are able to take, training as a locksmith is not something that immediately comes to mind, however I have a friend that has been in the business for many years, and he has a great business. He also has the ability to earn very good money. Any business that has an emergency response service can earn big money by helping people who are in a difficult situation, and being locked out of your car of home is one of those situations, so a locksmith is one of the career choices that I would recommend you consider.

Becoming a locksmith is not as hard as many people think. This is a job that requires you to gain skills and techniques applied just as you do to other work. When you become a locksmith, you will be working with safes and locks and offer wide range of services to customers relating to these items. You might be involved in assisting customers select locks for their business or homes, cut keys for locks, repair malfunctioning locks, rekey locks and other lock devices.

You will also be involved in helping clients who might lock themselves outside their vehicles, homes and businesses. To work effectively as a locksmith, you will be required to be familiar with different types of locks, tools and products and at the same time be updated with advances in technology. To assist you, this article offers you some steps on how to become a locksmith.

Get the right training

The first step towards becoming a professional locksmith is to gain the right training. This involves a combination of hands on experience and classroom learning. There are many schools offering locksmith training programs, so accessing them should not be an issue. In addition, with the advent of internet technology, it is also possible to access training online. However, to avoid falling victim of frauds, it is good to check list of training programs that are approved.

Some of the topics you should undertake include lock installation, key identification, lock picking, automotive locks, commercial locks, key making, home and business security systems, safe and vault locks and others. After completing your studies, it is good to complete apprenticeship in order to gain hands on experience.

Get certified

Before you become a locksmith, you must be certified by the relevant institutions, so that you can be allowed to offer the locksmith services to clients. This is necessary because you will be granted access to your client homes and some other highly sensitive security information. This means that you must be someone who is trusted and reliable. In addition to certification, you are also supposed to get a license to practice your trade. By getting a license and right certification, it shows that you have met high standard experience and training in this field.

Pass criminal background check

In order to be certified you might be required to pass criminal history background check. You should have no criminal record and this is necessary because of the access you will have to your client properties as you offer them your services.

Join a professional organization

There are many professional locksmith organizations you should join. By joining such organizations you show that you have the right qualifications and you have met all the set rules and regulations locksmiths must pass. One of the greatest benefits of joining the professional organizations is that you will end up earning trust and confidence of customers. In addition, you will also learn more about this field because you also meet other experts who have been in this field for a very long time.

There is a wealth of information on the official uk locksmith website, you can check it out by clicking here. It is a business that you can get into without a lot of investment, and one thing is for sure, the world is always going to need locks.

An Apprenticeship- The Real Deal After School


When you hit 16 years of age, you’ll certainly face a range of baffling choices. You might want to proceed to college or to enrol for A-levels. You might also like the thought of leaving full-time education to pursue a job and pull in some income. At 18, you’ll now have to decide whether to apply for university or begin the search for employment. Each of these options certainly has its good and bad side.

Think about something that allows you to experience work in its entirety as you pursue your education, all the while pulling in some income. Sounds great, right? Well, that’s basically what we call an apprenticeship.

Why an apprenticeship?

You might want more information as to why you should pick apprenticeship. For some students, the thought of staying at a college or school is intimidating, particularly to those who aren’t deep into academics. On other hand, it might be a little difficult for you to land a job if you spend all your school years studying as most recruiters ask for experience.

Meanwhile, an apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to learn and master a trade or skill while studying for a qualification.

Besides, being good at any highly skilled profession certainly needs more than classroom training. Hands on experience with a person who is an expert in a certain field will be helpful in many ways. It’s through the apprenticeship that you’ll get what you need in order to excel at a certain profession.

There’s more to an apprenticeship than meets the eye…

More benefits of apprenticeship

• More income

With an apprenticeship, you have the chance to eran  your own money, in addition to other benefits such as leisure activities, pension schemes and others. While you may begin on the basic apprentice pay, your income will definitely double as you gain more skilsl. Studies reveal that an apprentice can be able to earn more over their lifetime than most other employees.

• Mentoring and coaching

Instead of having all your days spent at school inside of a classroom, apprenticeship hands you the experience combined with the study. Aside from that, there’s the mentoring and coaching from senior and experienced employees who have to themselves years upon years of experience.

Naturally, after the apprenticeship, companies are pretty keen on retaining their trainees as they view them more experienced and with wider knowledge compared to new people. In essence, they might offer you a full-time job so that you have a great start in your career.

Levels of apprenticeship

Apprenticeship courses come in varying levels, beginning from basic to advanced apprenticeship. The knowledge and skill you acquire as an apprentice will be key in enabling you to join higher education. You’ll acquire career prospects enabling you to decide the path you want in life.

Keep in mind that what you think is the right choice for you at 16 or 18 may not exactly be what you’ll want at 19 or 20. Apprenticeships assist you to weigh your options and decide what’s best for you.


Apprenticeship opportunities keep showing up all the time. Employers from different sectors keep offering opportunities. It’s up to you to select where to go, be it a large corporation or a small business. But rest assured that as a young person, an apprenticeship will help to shape your future and mould you into a great person.

From my own personal point of view, my apprenticeship gave me a foundation that I returned to time and again. I would see opportunities in other careers, give them a try, and if they didn’t work out, I always had the skills I had learned so that I could drop back into a well paid job again. Definitely a recommended career choice!

If you need more persuading, just watch the video below.

How to give teens better options

No teenager will obey their parents if they are not given guidelines to follow. For a parent, a responsible teenager is the  one who can says,  “I clean my own room, I do my homework, I take a balanced snack and restrict my video gaming time.”


The teenager, meanwhile, thinks:” I want to see my friends when I want, where I want, and do what I want at home.” We must therefore reverse the trend and show that it’s possible for our kids to access their” autonomy “, but with some responsibility. In other words, tell them it is ok to spend wednesday after school with friends, but only if all homework is up to date, your room is clean, and dirty clothes are put in the wash bin and not left on the  floor”.

Define some rules of life

Therefore, a well-educated child does not make necessarily an easy teenager. Contemporary education has as it’s objective to form individuals in full bloom, capable of negotiating, of expressing their positions and make good decisions. A well-educated child becomes therefore a teenager that can be difficult to handle.

But negotiating takes energy and of course time. And when the parents come back tired in the evening, they have tendency to let down their guard. We recommend therefore to define some rules of life so that everything is not permanently subject to debate and to reset them regularly according to age and needs of the teenager, such as spending money, tasks to be fulfilled, the hours of bedtime etc

And if the teenager continues causing problems to his parents, they are entitled to take some type of sanctions.Provided that they are not taken in anger. Because when taken in anger, common sense can be lost, and division is the result.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the relevance of the situation, remembering the borders that you have set, and the guidelines that are in place. Keep the problem in perspective.

Your young adult is trying to become their own person, which is of course the ultimate aim, but they need guidance to keep them safe and on the right track. Very often their ability at school is a large part of the problem, but these things can be addressed later if required, when their mindset is better and as they get older and appreciate their situation.

Deep down, a teenager knows that their parent is only acting in good faitparents and teensh and for their own good. They need discipline and guidance, love and attention. Try to keep a balanced outlook on the situation and your teen will respond and choose the right path.

In this blog we hope to give guidance to young people on how they might want to shape their futures. Too many young people are going through their school lives with absolutely no idea about what their options are after school. Many are herded into further education, when it is that last thing that they need or want, and unaware of the craft apprentices that are available and would probably suit them better.

Here we hope to highlight some of the employment paths that they might like to consider, as opposed to an ongoing full time education.

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