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Innovative education for ambitious students
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Welcome to a brand new approach to learning

Designed for students aged 14-19 who have ambitions to pursue a career in business and enterprise, the Inspire Enterprise Academy combines engaging project-based learning and business experiences, with high academic achievement, equipping students with a diverse range of skills.

The Inspire Enterprise Academy puts the individual student, their needs, interests and career aspirations at the centre of their personalised learning programme.

Welcome to the Inspire Enterprise Academy, part of the Studio Schools Network.

Our full site is on its way very shortly, but in the mean time feel free to read on and learn more about our unique approach to education.

Innovative Education for Ambitious Students

We offer a pioneering and innovative approach to learning which includes teaching through enterprise and projects, with a variety of Business Experiences.

It is widely recognised that a gap exists between academic knowledge and the business experience a young person gains in the current education system. At Inspire, our commitment is to equip students with skills enabling them to flourish in the world of work and succeed in the best jobs, apprenticeships or top university courses.

The culture at Inspire Enterprise Academy is more like a workplace than a school, with business partners regularly delivering workshops and mixing with our students.

At our school, ambitious students gain an equal balance of work-related learning, academic success and personalised development, focused on career aspirations.

Studying with Inspire Enterprise Academy

  • Core Subjects:
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE Statistics
  • GCSE Science (Triple Award)
  • Specialised:
  • GCSE Business/Enterprise
  • GCSE Humanities (Geography or History)
  • Sport

Which will integrate with:

The Business Experience:

  • Work Placement
  • A 'real' job in a real organisation

Employability Sessions/Master-classes

Learn with the experts who apply what students are studying

Work Place Visits

Enhance learning and students see education applied in a real work context

Work Related Projects

Students work on behalf of an employer on a project that has value in the workplace


The chance for students to start their own business with guidance from the experts

What you will study...

An exciting range of key stage 5 educational programmes are on offer to an Inspire Academy student, that provide a combination of subjects and courses to suit potential career paths.

All AS/A Level students will be linked with high quality employers and Russell group universities, ensuring clear and transparent progression routes.

Each student will have the opportunity to undertake up to two days of paid work experience per week, related to an industry which is specifically linked to the student’s interests and/or career aspirations.

Each student will become a member of our University Mentor Scheme to ensure success with UCAS applications.

Each sixth form student will receive the same style of Business Experience learning as Key Stage 4 students.

State of the Art Facilities...

Inspire Enterprise Academy worked closely with architects to develop a new high-tech establishment to introduce a completely new method of teaching. Our environment stimulates, inspires and raises the expectations of our students.

The typical classroom structure has been replaced with 'Learning Studios'. These glass-walled spaces provide learning environments for a flexible number of students.This new concept provides a higher degree of collaboration between teachers and students through an IT rich, modern environment.

The curriculum is designed so that students spend around 70% in our learning studios and the remainder in specialist teaching areas, including a futuristic science laboratory, breakout rooms and corporate business lounge.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our students are equipped with an iPad, encouraging them to keep control of their working life and adopt a grown up approach to technology use.

Our learning studios and breakout rooms have the very latest advancements in technology including: Smart boards, a six-screen screen video wall, Apple TV, educational interactivity apps, laptop technology and up to date software packages.

Apply to study at Inspire Academy

Applications for entry
at age 14 in year 10

You can apply now for entry to Inspire Enterprise Academy in September 2014. Once you have completed the application form you need to send it to:

Southampton City Council Childrens Services and Learning Admissions Team (OGS)
Civic Centre
SO14 7LY

Applications for entry at age
16 in year 12/sixth form

You can now apply for entry to Southampton Studio School Sixth Form in September 2014.

This is an online application process only.

Contact us

Our new, fully interactive website is currently under construction. For more detailed information please contact us via email or by telephone on 023 8057 7510

Inspire Enterprise Academy
(Formerly Southampton Studio School)
Chapel Road
SO14 5GL